Dynamite Editorials

Dynamite Editorials is a fashion editorial production company created for the education of emerging industry professionals such as photographers, stylists, models, makeup artists, and hair stylists for the purpose of creating amazing editorials for portfolio use, promotion, and publication. Yes, that’s right Dynamite Editorials gives emerging artists a chance to get PUBLISHED! Artists are able to gain some real life experience working on a fashion production and an opportunity to network while learning from people who are already professionals in the fashion industry. Artists have an opportunity to win my Photo of the Day Contest which is featured in my blog as well as other blogs, promoted on social media, and featured in The Stylist Handbook.

Once emerging artists gain experience with Dynamite Editorials, produce outstanding work, and get published they will have an opportunity to get hired by Fashion and Beauty Media, Inc. That’s right, artists can actually get an opportunity to start working on real paying fashion gigs!

For emerging fashion designers Dynamite Editorials offers a way to get quality photos from our on staff professional photographers, social media buzz both during production and post-production, feature in my blog as well as other blogs, and an opportunity to get published in The Stylist Handbook as well as other magazines all for a fraction of the price of what a high fashion ad campaign would cost. Here are some photos proving what Dynamite Editorials is capable of providing (click on each photo to be taken to the corresponding blog post).

The pictures are amazing! People loved the pictures on Facebook. I received many more professional pictures for the money I paid vs. paying a photographer to shoot my collection.

-Suzie Hemphill of Majestic Velvets

  • Interested designers should Contact Me today for a quote!
  • I am always searching for new talent. If you are an interested Fashion/Wardrob Stylist, Model, Makeup Artist, or Hair Stylist join the group on Facebook or Contact Me. You can also check my Model Mayhem page for all casting calls.

I auditioned months ago for a new movie that deals with the renaissance time period. I didn’t hear anything back, until after the photos from the Renaissance shoot for Majestic Velvets came out. After seeing me in costume, they were impressed as to how much I looked the bill. I can’t release the name of the film yet, but I will be taking the center stage as the lead in this historic drama. Thank you to TNT Tauna, and everyone at Dynamite Editorials for the opportunity that has opened so many doors for me career wise.

Much Love and God Bless,
Kelsie Mathews

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  1. We definitely work together when I am back in the states.


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