Champagne Inspired Nails #DIY #NailArt


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Happy New Year everyone! Champagne is a staple for celebrating special occasions such a ringing in the New Year and even sometimes just for a regular party. Now you can keep the celebrations going by getting the look of bubbly on your nails with this tutorial.

Check out this easy and simple, champagne inspired design!

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Letter: Happy New Year! @tnt_tauna


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Happy New Year @tnt_tauna

Happy New Year!

Building a TEAM to accomplish our DREAMS in 2013!

This is it folks! I really feel like this is the year for me to really focus on my career and doing the things I love.  I’m working extra hard to get myself organized and build a team so we can hit the ground running.

Here’s some of my New Year’s Goals:

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#StyleResolutions #HappyNewYear


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My New Year's Style Resolutions

-Images via Marie Claire China

Written by: K.W. Dyer

With the end of the year almost here, I have spent many hours reflecting
on who I am, how far I’ve come, and who I hope to grow into. As this year fades away, I am reminded of the transient nature of life, of everything that cannot wait, dreams, goals, and aspirations. My biggest resolution is to allow my creativity to flow freely throughout my being uncensored and unchecked. I want to push myself more to create freely in all areas of my life; I do not want to limit my creativity to ink and paper. In 2013 and the years that follow I want to incorporate my physical being more into my day to day creative projects and pursuits. Thus, I vow to put more effort into my personal style in the New Year.

Here are some of my Style Resolutions for 2013:

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@StacyLuvsGlittr Winter Wishes! #HolidayWishList #Fashion&BeautyTrends #ShopTheLook


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Winter Wishes From My Home To Yours

Hey there! For those of you unaware of who I am, my name is Stacy. I’m 19 years young, with a passion for fashion, all things blue, and glitter. I met Editor In Chief and Producer TNT Tauna in October through our wonderful friend Annalisa, who heads up SnapShot Ninja Photography. I got invited to connect with the Facebook page for Dynamite Editorials, and after exploring a bit, I decided I liked what I saw. I volunteered to write fashion articles for the blog and after a semi-long period of time and technical difficulties, here I am! I love working with Tauna and the team we are developing, and my job is great. But really, how can I say I’m working when I’m just doing something I love?! Hahaha, I’m definitely quite eccentric, but our little team has an amazing camaraderie with each other that makes each week fun.

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@tnt_tauna ‘s Ebay #GiftGuide


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Grab TNT Tauna’s Fabulous Items on Ebay!

Christmas is almost here! For those of you doing some last minute shopping, I do not envy you. However, there’s still time to grab some holiday gifts and have it shipped directly to your loved ones. I also know there’s some of you out there who are browsing the web for things to buy with that Christmas cash you know you will be receiving this year. In any case, there might be something that strikes your fancy from what I’m selling on Ebay. Take a look:

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Gift Guide For The #Goth @StacyLuvsGlittr #HolidayStyle #GiftGuide


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Holiday Gift Guide for the Goth

I don’t know about you, but there have been a fair amount of instances over the years where I wanted to get a gift for a friend but was at a loss because I had no idea what to purchase for them. Yeah, you could get them a gift card or money, something innocuous. But there’s really no fun in that. Or maybe I’m the only one who enjoys the process of searching stores and getting that rush of satisfaction. There are times when I would have loved getting my hands on that guide that tells you exactly what to buy and for who.

This season, give that lovely goth girl in your life something great that she’ll want to wear to all the hot underground parties. People generally view goth as heavy dark makeup and lots of spikes, generally Halloween-ish. But I’ll bet you they’ve never seen the trendy, stylish side of goth fashion. Be it a hot handbag or a drop dead dress, these ghoulish gifts are sure to impress.

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Look: Get Your #HolidayParty On With These Hot #HolidayDresses @tnt_tauna


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Check out my post on The Stylist Handbook: Get Your Holiday Party On With These Hot Holiday Dresses

It’s official, the Holiday season is in full swing! As the Holiday festivities begin, there’s only one question that remains… WHAT DO I WEAR? It’s that nagging question that comes up every time we get dressed for our next Holiday event.

Here I will show you different dress options from four types of Holiday occasions; the Office Party, Holiday Party With Friends, the Family Get Together, and the Red Carpet/Black Tie Event. I hope you learn something new to try this season!

Office Party

1. Quintessence of Style Dress in Black2. Panel Moderator Dress in Black

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Fall/Winter 2012 Beauty #Trends #ShopTheLook


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Fall/Winter Beauty Trends 2012

Sometimes it feels like once you’ve caught on to a trend and start wearing it, suddenly everyone is sporting something else. Am I the only one? My biggest problem with trends is that there are some very cool ones that are produced, but they don’t stick around for longer than the season in which they were born. I mean sure you have your timeless classics like the perfect red lip and cat-eye vintage combo, or the au naturel barely there make up looks. But what about the teal mascara trend that was hot 3 seasons ago?

Mini rant aside, I’ve searched out this seasons “It” looks in the cosmetic world, and there are some intriguing new trends emerging from the runways, as well as fresh spins on classic looks. Come take a peek!  Continue Reading