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My New Year's Style Resolutions

-Images via Marie Claire China

Written by: K.W. Dyer

With the end of the year almost here, I have spent many hours reflecting
on who I am, how far I’ve come, and who I hope to grow into. As this year fades away, I am reminded of the transient nature of life, of everything that cannot wait, dreams, goals, and aspirations. My biggest resolution is to allow my creativity to flow freely throughout my being uncensored and unchecked. I want to push myself more to create freely in all areas of my life; I do not want to limit my creativity to ink and paper. In 2013 and the years that follow I want to incorporate my physical being more into my day to day creative projects and pursuits. Thus, I vow to put more effort into my personal style in the New Year.

Here are some of my Style Resolutions for 2013:

Trying New Trends

I’ve never been one to follow trends but I will make exceptions in 2013, as a variant of my favorite color will be in the spotlight. I look forward to incorporating deep emerald tones into my everyday look.

Wearing Dresses & Heels More Often

I find myself to be a puzzling contradiction; a coin ever spinning in the air, never resting too long on one side. I wish to express my feminine side more in 2013 with dresses, heels, and the whole lady shebang.

Playing With Androgynous Looks

My Fem-coin in reverse, I wish to play with the ideas of androgyny and preconceived genders. I want to see how far I can push the envelope into the in-between.