Fashion Styling Portfolio

3 thoughts on “Fashion Styling Portfolio”

  1. Hi! This is absolutely great work! I love love love your blog! I am venturing out into fashion styling and I just want to know if you can offer some tips on getting started and marketing myself. Also, please check out my blog as well. I’ve began to embark on my styling endeavors and I’d love some feedback!

    • Nice to meet you! Thank you for the wonderful comment!
      I began my career modeling and showcasing my work in my first blog which was on myspace so I didn’t exactly start from scratch in marketing my brand and I’m still in the process of converting all of my followers to wordpress from various social media outlets. The first thing I did was follow other blogs to get a feel for what’s out there giving special attention to some of the top fashion bloggers out there, many of whom I reference in my blogs. The best thing you can do is join this website will give you all the tips and tricks you need to start your blog and market yourself. I believe making a name for yourself online is a great place to start. To start styling work you will likely need to volunteer your time and showcase your work online for everyone to see. The more work you can post online the better, it shows you have what everyone needs…experience. I hope that helps and I wish you the best! Please feel free to use the “contact me” section if you have any further questions for me.
      Thanks for following and stay stylish!!
      TNT Tauna

      • Thank you that helps A LOT!! I visited the website you told me about and I loved that as well. These were all very insightful tips you provided..some of the best tips I’ve received by far! As for the zig zag bleach style..I’ve never seen that before! I will most definitely look into that..I bet they’d be great top sellers.


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