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My good buddy, Khuan Tru, is a talented Vector Graphic Artist from London who focuses on portraits. His style consists of simple elements of strong, bold black strokes, air brushing and painting on top of submitted portraits that interest him. I love Khuan’s art and we continue to be mutually supportive promoting each other’s work. Last August Khuan posted an interview with me on his website also making this cool banner:

Click the pic to go to the interview

Here’s a cool pic Khuan did from the above photo:

Original Photo by: NV Photo
Hair, Makeup, Wardrobe: Me

Khuan sent me this print of his art of me last year:

Which I recently got framed and hung in my home office:

Here’s the original photo from which Khuan made his art:

Photo by: Irish Eyes Creations
Wardrobe: Zeplo Designs
Hair, makeup, styling: Me

Khuan has been kind enough to make a full page on his website for people he enjoys working with. He made these banners for my page to help promote this blog:

Click the banner to see my page on his website

And now for our featured presentation! I present to you the latest and greatest from Khuan Tru 2012:

Inspired by:

Photo by: NV Photo
Hair, Makeup, Wardrobe: Me

Inspired by:

Photo by: Robert Norton
Wardrobe: Zeplo Designs
Hair & Makeup: The Roseary Room

Khuan is available for hire if you too wish to have some cool art made of yourself or someone you adore. Be sure to visit his website to learn more: http://www.khuantru.com/ Make sure you also check out his galleries to see more of his amazing work!

Thanks Khuan for the lovely portraits!!! Your work is fantastic!!


TNT Tauna