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It’s official, the Holiday season is in full swing! As the Holiday festivities begin, there’s only one question that remains… WHAT DO I WEAR? It’s that nagging question that comes up every time we get dressed for our next Holiday event.

Here I will show you different dress options from four types of Holiday occasions; the Office Party, Holiday Party With Friends, the Family Get Together, and the Red Carpet/Black Tie Event. I hope you learn something new to try this season!

Office Party

1. Quintessence of Style Dress in Black2. Panel Moderator Dress in Black

3. You and Me Forever Dress in Black4. Audrey's Top of the A-line Dress in Black

1. Quintessence of Style Dress

2. Panel Moderator Dress

3. You and Me Forever Dress

4. Audrey’s Top of the A-line Dress

The Little Black Dress (LBD) can serve you well as a reliable go-to staple for any occasion but especially for your office Holiday party because it’s always classy and chic. The LBD is all about how you accessorize it. You can dress it up with some diamonds, pearls, and dressy heels or you can dress it down with a staple ring or necklace with a classic pump. Notice the knee length hemline on most of these dresses, you want something that’s flattering without showing too much leg at the office. The Quintessence of Style Dress (1) and Audrey’s Top of the A-line Dress (4) are both classic cuts that you’re sure to get a lot of use out of whether it’s to the office party or out on a date, or to your next interview; you can never go wrong as they will always be in style. The Panel Moderator Dress (2) is on trend with one of my favorites from this season, Peplums! Peplums have a slimming effect by being well fitted at your waist and flaring out to give your hips more curve. Did you know that peplums date back to Ancient Greece? Audrey’s Top of the A-line Dress (3) also reminds me of another Greek dress from ancient times but nowadays I’d say it’s very Boho chic. You could pair this with some leggings or printed tights for a more business casual look but be sure to class it up by adding the thin belt. In any case, buying a LBD is never a waste of money because it can become something that you wear often enough that you can justify the cost. It’s always important to think about cost per wear when buying clothing on a budget especially during the holiday season.

Holiday Party With Friends

1.Taupe and Dream Dress2. Live  Love  Lavender Dress in Gold

3. Different Brush Strokes Dress4. Two Short Days Dress

1. Taupe and Dream Dress

2. Live Love Lavender Dress in Gold

3. Different Brush Strokes Dress

4. Two Short Days Dress

When celebrating the holidays with your friends, I suggest something that sparkles like these sequin dresses (1&4). With these types of attention-grabbing dresses, you don’t want to over do it with jewelry so keep it simple with a great ring, bracelet, or small earrings. You can always minimize the sparkle effect by wearing a blazer or cardi over it, especially for these sleeveless dresses in the winter weather. A shorter hemline is usually appropriate with your bestie but if you get too cold try adding some leggings and boots. For a more festive look, try something that has some traditional Christmas colors in it with a modern print like this red Different Brush Strokes Dress(3). You will look ready for the festivities without overdoing it. If you find yourself in need of something a little bit more sophisticated without getting too fancy try the Live Love Lavender Dress in Gold(2). Dress it up with some pearls, an embellished cardi, and a black pair of heels.

Family Get Together

1. Coach Tour Dress in Tangerine2. Talk Show Interview Dress

3. Say It Like You Mean It Dress in Midnight Blooms4. Long Time No Sea Dress

1. Coach Tour Dress in Tangerine

2. Talk Show Interview Dress

3. Say It Like You Mean It Dress in Midnight Blooms

4. Long Time No Sea Dress

Your family get together is probably a bit more casual at your house, but what about your in-laws? You want something that will make a good impression and let them know you made an effort. That’s why I chose these really cute, semi-casual day-to-evening looks. Watch the hemline and dress it up or down with your accessories. The Coach Tour Dress in Tangerine is a great fall color and the high neck line will keep you warm. I love lace dresses, especially the two above (2&4) not only because lace is so in right now but because it’s so feminine. The Talk Show Interview Dress is such a stunning soft rose color so you can be that sweet peach for your man’s parents. For more of a 1950’s look, go with the Say It Like You Mean It Dress in Midnight Blooms with vintage its cut and print. A classic look always makes a great first impression. To dress it up sometimes all it takes is a great hair-do. Check out my Pinterest board for inspiration on some DIY Hairstyles.

Red Carpet/Black Tie Event

1. Black Tie Optimal Dress2. Fall in Love with Me Dress

3. Glitz and Garlands Dress4. Whatever You Fancy Dress

1. Black Tie Optimal Dress

2. Fall in Love with Me Dress

3. Glitz and Garlands Dress

4. Whatever You Fancy Dress

For your next red carpet or black tie event I suggest a statement dress. Something that says “Hey photographers, Get a load of this!”. Here I’ve chosen four equally unique dresses that will have heads turning. When I saw the Black Tie Optimal Dress (1), I just had to have it not only because they perfectly named it for this article but also because satin and lace are perfect for such an event. This dress is dainty but also very elegant. This Fall in Love with Me Dress (2) is a great gown for the Holidays and the red carpet complete with a shimmering skinny gold belt. Dress it up with some of your more luxurious jewelry and an up-do. Gold is a great color for this time of year and this sequin Glitz and Garlands Dress (3) is sure to spread some Holiday cheer. Navy is in this fall and so are metallics, that’s why I chose the Whatever You Fancy Dress so you can stay on trend this Holiday season. I love it’s sophisticated pleats and silver waist band for a fabulous slimming look with some added detail in the flared cap sleeves. Add some glimmering earrings and a cute clutch to complete your look.

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