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Check out Orange Coast College’s most stylish students of the last few weeks.

@vanityyouth has style! I love the sheer pattern play in her blouse and pants!

@woothewoo has awesome shoes with faces in them! I had to do a double take when I saw these. Many of my friends had shoe envy when I showed this to them.

@cravennvictory has style! This vintage jacket has amazing detail in gorgeous fall colors. This picture does not do it justice.

Kacie has style! I love this collared sweater with the blouse portion poking out the bottom. I was surprised to learn that it was all one piece.

Lily has punk rock style! I love her look.

Kristen has Hippie Style! I love the embroidery on her shirt. And that knit vest is so boho.

Dylan has style! Tank, hoodie, denim jacket, ripped up jeans, yes please! Dylan is taking punk and grunge to a new level.

TK has style! Representing hip-hop fashion. I wish this photo was a little less blurry (now accepting donations for a new iphone lol) so you could see his killer bling necklace. It has sections of different colored rhinestones.

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If you are a student at Orange Coast College feel free to use #MYOCCSTYLE and photograph yourself or your friends in their best outfits. I will search the hash tag and post the best of the best right here for your viewing pleasure.

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