Our First Annual Halloween Style Off Winner is…
Photo by: Gery Edra                                     Makeup by: Lauren Brown

Earlier in October, I gave five aspiring fashion stylists the challenge of creating a Halloween costume only using items in their current wardrobe. I just love Coumba Niang’s rendition– combining multiple elements from Michael Jackson’s iconic looks.

Coumba Niang on her outfit:

I’ve always been inspired by Michael Jackson’s legendary rhinestone infested style and I was determined to make his legacy live on. I took key parts of his glamorous outfits from his music videos and made it into a girly everyday wear. Such as the leather pants from ‘Scream’, red jacket from “Thriller”, sequins top from his “Billy Jean” performance,  and his fedora. I even substituted his signature sequins glove with my silver ring-bracelet.

Get your glamorous Michael Jackson inspired look – handpicked by yours truly:


TNT Tauna


Happy Thanksgiving!