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(My guest post on The Stylist Handbook)

It’s official, the 90’s are back and so is MTV’s House of Style!!! Before we had fashion blogging, iPhones, or any form of social media whatsoever the only way us 90’s kids stayed up to date with fashion was by making sure to catch House of Style hosted by supermodel, Cindy Crawford.

Yes, this was before we had TiVo or even before the internet was popular! I’m talking about back when MTV actually played music videos!! It was the only place in the world to get fast fashion, DIY style with Todd Oldham, and the celebration of anything-goes high fashion. The combination of music and the ultra creative fashion in music videos along with some of the hottest supermodels of the time had us all memorized.  Some 15+ years later it’s back along with an online archive of the series on MTV Style. A documentary is scheduled to be release on August 7th and the new host will be announced at the MTV Video Music Awards on September 6th.

Salt-N-Pepa wearing Betsey Johnson in 1989.
Photo: MTV

Fashionista.com caught up with Sophia Rai (vice president MTV Digital, who’s leading the project) and Dave Sirulnick (executive vice president, Multiplatform Production, News and Music at MTV) about what’s ahead for House of Style. Dave Sirulnick had this to say about why they are bringing back the show:

House of Style had a really big impact. When it came to an end we sort of let it go for a while. Just over a year and a half ago, we started a style blog, which the audience has been gravitating towards. Today’s fashion is dipped in the past. Every young person we’ve talked to about where they’re getting their fashion inspiration, it’s the late 80s, the 90s. It makes sense, a good 15 years has gone by. So we realized we had this amazing treasure trove, and we developed the House of Style archive. We really wanted to get that back out there. Not much of it is on YouTube. Not all of these episodes are out there. There’s this archive you can dig into.

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Model Claudia Schiffer at the French ‘Vogue’ shoot in 1990.
Photo: MTV

With all the 90’s nostalgia out there right now MTV certainly knows what they are doing. Personally, I can’t wait to see what’s in store. However, Dave says they aren’t bringing back the 30-minute segment on television just yet.

The idea of the new House of Style is that it runs on all of our platforms. MTV is a fully multi-media company. You’ll see it on television, on the web, on our aps. Not a lot of people are looking to consume 20-minute television shows on their phones. At least not yet. We want to make it really accessible for our audiences. Pieces will get windowed on to television, with the notion of the ability to do a longer form programming style. The documentary is a long form piece.

Cindy Crawford interviews rapper Will Smith on the set of the ‘Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’ in 1990.
Photo: MTV

I don’t know about you but I will be counting down the days until August 7th for the documentary, which will essentially be a trip down memory lane for me!

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