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Summer is in full swing and as the temperatures rise we seek clothing that will keep us cool while still looking hot! I will show you 4 Summer Essentials that will help you stay on trend this season and make your boyfriend sizzle but still keep you cool as a cucumber.

Summer Shorts

1. Cut off Shorts

Cut offs are making a huge come back this summer with styles ranging from regular denim to flower print to simply making your own. So it’s time to pull out those ratty jeans you no longer need and make them into some killer shorts. At least when you make your own you can control the length and design. The most popular cut is high waisted shorts cut off at an angle that goes up at the outer thigh. This will expose the pocket for a Daisy Duke look. I chose to keep my shorts long going along with the grunge trend that is re-emerging.

Trousers and Capris

2. Short Trousers or Capris

If you don’t want to go for the ultra short shorts look try some short skinny legged trousers and pair them with some cute heels or try some Capri pants paired with your favorite sandal. Floral print, leopard print, and coral colored are among some of this seasons hottest trends. It’s time to trade out your leggings for something a little cooler and more structured for this summer season.


3. The Bustier

The Bustier or Crop Top can be paired with many different items such as a sheer or fish net top, high waisted shorts, or a moto jacket. The trend this season is not to show off your bellybutton like it was in the 90’s. Don’t get me wrong, this little top will do just that but as far as your waist is concerned less is more. The exposed skin should be above your bellybutton but below your bust line.

Drop Waist Dresses

4. The Drop Waist Dress

Drop waist means the hem line is below the waist, this type of dress is typically inspired by the 1920’s flapper girl. This look helps to define your natural waist line and curvature. If you have curves this can be a great addition to your closet. If you have more of a straight boxy body type you can help define your waist by simply adding a belt to the smallest part of your waist which is typically located between your ribs and bellybutton.

I hope these tips help you stay cool and look hot all summer long! Feel free to post your thoughts about this post in the comments and be sure to subscribe!


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