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I read this very interesting article on Refinery29 about the history of Nail Art. Some say Nail Art dates back an astounding 7,000 years to 5,000 BC when women in India dyed their fingertips with henna (read the full article here). Nowadays we have acrylics, stick-ons, polishes of every color under the sun, and as of 2008 the first gel polish that lasts 2 weeks. It was interesting to read what some of the first nail polishes were made from but as technology has increased, the complexity of ingredients used to make your favorite lacquer has as well. As someone who figured out early on that nail polish isn’t that great for the health of your nails, I’m always on the look out for nail strengthening products or alternatives. Sally Hansen came out with Salon Effects which are real nail polish strips that are super easy to apply, lasts 10 days, and is cheaper than going to the salon. I met someone first hand who swears by the new gel polish. She said it never chips, doesn’t damage her real nails, and the only reason she goes every two weeks is because her real nails are growing out otherwise it could last 3-4 weeks. The hook is you have to go to the salon to have it applied and taken off, normal nail polish remover only creates a huge mess. I definitely want to try it out so I will be shopping around for a nail salon with the best price and variety of assorted colors. In the meantime, I’ve been snapping some shots of some sweet nail art everywhere I go. Check out what I’ve seen so far:

I caught sight of these bad ass pink cheetah acrylics a few weeks ago and asked if they were hand painted and they were! Love the detail.

When in doubt, polka dots are an easy way to add a little flare to your nails.

I had to snap a pic when I saw these cute little bumble bees and flowers!

My mother-in-law got me a french manicure set for Christmas and this is my first attempt at trying it on myself. Not too shabby!

What nail art are you sporting? I’d love to hear about your favorite nail art DIY’s, trends, tips, and tricks!


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