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DIY Glitter Shoes

I decided to try my hand at a popular DIY I’ve been seeing everywhere, Glitter Shoes! If you have some scuffed up shoes that could use a re-vamp then this is for you. Here’s what you’ll need:

Shoes, Glitter, Sand Paper, Paint Brushes/Sponge, and Mod Podge

Take the sand paper and rough up the texture on your shoes so the glitter and Mod Podge set better. The shoes I used were pretty much completely made of soft plastic so I used the sand paper to take off some of the finish just to ensure that the Mod Podge adheres to the plastic.

Sand Paper to Roughen the Finishing

Mix equal parts Mod Podge with Glitter. Be careful because the Mod Podge comes out quickly and it spreads very well so you don’t need as much as you may think. Then put a layer of the Mod Podge mixutre on the shoes covering every visible surface. I used painter’s tape to cover the bottom of the shoes so I could easily spread the mixture on the sides without worrying about it sticking to the bottom of the shoes. If there are any ventilation holes on your shoes make sure you have something, such as a pencil, to poke the holes with so that they don’t get permanently sealed shut.

Mix Equal Parts Glitter with Mod Podge

Let it dry for 15-20 mins then repeat at least 4 times. I had to add glitter a few times to get the ratio right. I decided to keep it subtle using mostly black glitter with just a little bit of iridescent/white glitter to make them pop.

Layer the Mixture at Least 4 Times

Give it 15-20 mins to Dry Between Coats

Let them dry overnight before wearing and BING! you’re done!

Glitter Shoes!

H&M’s Clone Models

I saw this post on The Budget Fashionista and was outraged to learn that H&M is using photoshop to not only create the entire bodies but to also place the individual model faces on! Come on H&M we know you are making the big bucks, you can afford to pay real models!

H&M's Creepy Fake Models on The Budget Fashionista

Ulyana Sergeenko’s Fall-Winter 2011 Collection

I saw the debut of Ulyana Sergeenko‘s (editor at Glamour Russia, photographer, and now fashion designer) Fall-Winter 2011 collection and I fell in love with these stunning images. It is a perfect translation of her unique, vintage, and ultra-feminine style. The styling, hair, and makeup in this look book are on point! The models are absolutely stunning and the editing is super crisp and clean. As always, I can’t help but post pinup inspired high fashion. Vintage is just so sexy to me! 

Images via Vogue.ru

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