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For those of you who need some last minute ideas for what to wear to your New Year’s party then click here for Refinery29’s cheat sheet. For those of you reading this afterwards then Happy New Year! I have hope that the New Year will be much better than 2011 was for me.

The 90’s Are Back!

As someone who was a teenager in the 90’s, it’s so fun to hear about all the old trends, people, companies, and TV shows that are making a comeback. I heard Nick At Nite is bringing back all the old shows from the 90’s like Clarissa Explains It All, Hey Dude, Rocko’s Modern Life and Doug. Earlier this year I read an article where the stylist from the show Blossom talked about how her styling influenced fashion in the 90’s. The cast from the show Pete & Pete had a reunion live show in Orange County about a month ago. Lisa Frank is back and selling apparel now. I used to love collecting Lisa Frank stickers when I was a kid.

Lisa Frank Apparel

It seems fitting that Mario Lopez would start his own line of men’s underwear considering the fact that he was always seen on Saved By The Bell, as our beloved A.C. Slater, in his little wrestling outfit.  His underwear line is called RatedM and he models the line himself.

Mario Lopez, Underwear Model Vs. A.C. Slater, Wrestler on Fashionista

I’m relieved the 90’s are back after having to relive some of the horrors of the 80’s fashion in recent years. I’m glad to see grunge making a comeback in fashion. I saw The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo this past weekend and was completely blown away by Rooney Mara‘s performance. I loved the grunge fashion in that movie and I’m excited to see the full collection of clothing inspired by that movie coming soon in H&M stores this year.

No More Misleading Cosmetics Ads

Cosmetics companies are under fire for misrepresenting their makeup by using too much photoshop in their ads. The main culprits are mascara companies who either have their models wear fake eyelashes or use photoshop to make digitally perfect lashes or sometimes they do both! I’m glad to hear the U.S. is taking steps towards restricting this misleading advertising. Read more about it on Fashionista.

The Craft Revolution

I read this article on Apparel Insiders about two girls in Paris who started a small company called Sweat Shop. They took the same concept of a cyber cafe but instead, replaced computers with sewing machines. They are part of a movement that’s been going on where people are inspired to sew their own clothes and do their own crafts. I know for me, I’ve done many more crafts this year than I usually do just because I’ve been seeing so many DIY’s online that interest me. When I read this article I was totally inspired by the story. I think it would be a super easy and low cost business to start and you could very easily incorporate a way for members to sell their hand made crafts online or in store. Anyone game to start a business with me?

Well I hope everyone has a great New Year! May this year bring you happiness, love and prosperity!