Style Success Workshop

I was given the opportunity to experience Wardrobe Styling in Hollywood last Monday with industry professionals featuring Lauren Bowles of True Blood! I was able to learn first hand what it’s like to work with a celebrity! Lauren’s shoot is being submitted to Live Magazine which is a local publication for Los Angeles, Long Beach, and Orange County areas. After shooting a few different looks with Lauren, agency models were brought in for us to style for three different editorials. Celebrity makeup artist Melanie Mills, former head makeup artist on Dancing With The Stars, had a team working together to create the designated looks while art director, Aubrey Loots, and team styled hair. Fashion photographer, Daryl Henderson, was busy pretty much the entire 10 hour day shooting one model right after the next as we all collaborated together to quickly pull together looks. Our instructor provided the wardrobe from various show rooms in LA along with a few accessories and even had a friend of hers who’s a jewelry maker come in to make her custom jewelry available to us. After receiving the details of the desired look and being assigned to a model I was in charge of wardrobe and accessories to complete the look. I felt I was able to easily create the agreed upon look and the rest of my team seemed happy with the final results.  While I can’t show you any photos of Lauren Bowles until they are published, I can however show you a little sneak peek at the editorials.

Winter Wonderland

Boho Winter

Vintage Beauty

Modern Belle

Who’s the Next Celebrity Designer?

Two celebrity designer alerts came across my desk last week the first of which was Kat Von D. The oh-so-famous tattoo artist already has a cosmetics line at Sephora and is now branching out to clothing featuring dresses, pants, skirts, tops and coats. From what I’ve seen so far I gotta give Kat some Kudos! Her coats are off the hook. Here’s a preview…

Kat Von D Clothing Line... To read more click here

The 2nd celebrity designer is Madonna who has finally launched her own brand for adults. Following the success of her junior line she does with her daughter, famously labeled Material Girl, Madonna is launching a line called Truth or Dare by Madonna starting with a fragrance and after that will come footwear, handbags, and intimates. Most people are wondering, why didn’t she do this sooner? After all, she IS the world’s top selling female recording artist of ALL TIME! Not to mention a fashion icon of which her 80’s iconic style is returning.

Truth or Dare by Madonna (click the pic to read more on Fashionista)

Scented Shoelaces?

Speaking of juniors, check out the next big thing for teens. Scented shoelaces! Because? Teen girls like to smell each other’s feet? Who knew. Apparently they are not only trying to get girls to tie up their shoes but to also use them as belts or bracelets with scents like “pancake batter”, “bubble gum”, and “ketchup”. I’m not sure why they didn’t think of these for the stinky footed grown man, go figure.

Scented Shoelaces

Trend Report: Victory Rolls Are Officially In

I began my modeling career as a pinup model and one of the first workshops I took was about how to do 40’s/50’s style hair and makeup. Can you guess what hairstyle was the first thing they taught us? Ah yes, the Victory Roll. It comes as no surprise to me that the victory roll is making it’s way into main stream culture with as many celebrities that sport the look, not to mention the numerous pinup style ad campaigns that have been emerging in high fashion. I know there are some great tutorials on youtube should you so desire to try pull off the look yourself. Feel free to hit me up for an one on one lesson or to host a beauty party.

The Victory Roll Trend according to Fashionista

For those of you who are obsessed with Versace for H&M

Here’s a few videos I found for the highly anticipated Versace for H&M scheduled to debut on Nov. 19th.

Versace for H&M Fashion Event in New York

THE VERY BEST OF VERSACE for H&M Winter 2011 (Spot)