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I was featured this month in Petite Alternative Magazine

Petite Alternative Magazine is dedicated to highlighting petite, tattooed and pierced women. They have a mission statement that I think is worth while so when I had an opportunity to submit a set to them I got excited about it and styled three different looks. Photographer Mike McDougal did a great job capturing the essence of each look while creating some magazine worthy images. My friend and Hairstylist Robert Rea did my hair the morning of the shoot strategically placing feather hair extensions all over my head and it turned out amazing! Check out the feature below. If you are interested in purchasing the October issue go here.

The Petite Alternative Magazine October Issue

Here’s the entire set:

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Barbie Get’s Tattooed!

Tokidoki Barbie was released this month with tons of controversy. Some mothers are concerned that their little princesses are going to turn into tattooed, cigarette smoking, beer drinking sluts all because Barbie dyed her hair pink and got tatted up. Don’t they know that most people don’t get their tattoos in prison anymore? Just because a person has tattoos doesn’t mean they have a bad reputation and run around town stirring up trouble! Gah! We need more women as strong as Barbie to stand up against this stigma! Personally, I think Tokidoki Barbie looks ah-maze-ing! Cute outfit complete with cat eye makeup and spike the dog. Thanks Barbie, you ROCK!

Tokidoki Barbie

Gwen Stefani‘s New Children’s Line for Target 

Hit’s stores November 13. Check out the entire lookbook on Fashionista

Gwen Stefani's Children's Line for Target

Versace for H&M

Speaking of designers going main stream, check out the detail in the new Versace for H&M line!

Versace for Target Click the pic to see more...

Here’s an image from the campaign:

Versace for H&M Click the pic to see more.

Paris Fashion Week

Here are the Top 10 Trends from Paris Fashion week courtesy of Flare:

Top 10 Trends from Pairs Fashion Week


I saw this hilarious video titled Uggcitrin: The Ugg Boot Vacine. Ugg boots have officially gone out of style (thank gawd!). I’ve never been a big fan of the comfortable boot but know plenty of people who love them many of which are my family members lol. The day after I watched this video I heard that Ugg’s stocks dropped. They better get to re-inventing themselves soon!