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All summer long I’ve been obsessed with the Boho style everyone has been talking about. It’s a little bit Native American mixed with hippy and grunge but in a new chic way. Deb from Deb Brookshier Photography and I took the look to the small hippy mountain town of Idyllwild, CA where we took some amazing pix in the woods near Strawberry Creek by my sister’s house.  Deb did such a great job using the natural lighting, I love these shots! Be sure to go to her website and look at all the other great photos Deb has been taking: http://www.debbrookshier.com

Without further adieu here’s my take on the Boho style with hair, makeup, and wardrobe done by me.

I was able to drag my sister, Amy Aronson, in front of the camera for some pregnancy photos. I picked out her wardrobe and splashed some natural makeup on her and viola! You can really see that natural pregnancy glow about her.

Amy by Deb Brookshire Photography


Herve Leger

Ever wanted to dress like a warrior princess? Well now you can! Herve Leger‘s Spring/Summer 2012 line is “a wardrobe fit for a Khaleesi” according to Style.com. Check out the amazing detail!

Herve Leger S/S 2012

Herve Leger S/S 2012

Dolce & Gabbana Stops Abbreviating! No more D&G!

Yeah I was shocked too, but apparently the sister company of Dolce & Gabbana, D&G, is permanently closing it’s doors. To read more about it go to: My Fashion Database



For all you Hello Kitty fans…

Hello Kitty and Forever 21 are collaborating to bring you tees, intimates, and accessories starting Nov. 18th! This look is my favorite!

Hello Kitty & Forever 21 (click the pic to see more)

Oversized Tops Trend

Ever wondered how people pull off the oversized top or sweater without hiding their entire shape and looking sloppy? Here’s a tutorial by Refinery 29

Oversized Tops Trend by Refinery 29 Click the pic for more info

Gareth Pugh

Everyone’s been talking about Gareth Pugh’s S/S 2012 line for it’s futuristic approach. Looks like something out of a Sci-Fi movie and I love it!


GARETH PUGH S/S 2012 Click for more

Those Pesky Bangs!

Want some new tricks on how to switch up your bangs? Refinery 29 gives you 3 different ways. I tried them and liked them all, check it out…

3 Easy Ways To Switch Up Your Bangs by Refinery 29 Click the pic

New York Fashion Week by Benjamin Kanarek

I found the most comprehensive take on New York Fashion Week on Benjamin Kanarek’s blog. For a summary of all the news check it out on this photographer’s blog:

Trends Report and Best Looks from New York Fashion Week – Spring Summer 2012

Lastly, The Well Dressed Skater Boy

I’ve always been a big fan of skater boys but never seen one so well dressed! Check out the 50’s styled skater all the girls are swooning over and all the cool tricks he can do!

That’s all for now!