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Here’s a little peek at the way Karl Lagerfeld works in his new collaboration with Macy’s. Finally! Some Karl Lagerfeld we can afford!

Making Of – Karl Lagerfeld for Macys with Coco Rocha

The Budget Fashionista re-posted an article on “Recession Proofing Your Closet This Fall” that I thought had some really good information. Click the pic to read it…

Repost: Recession Proofing Your Closet This Fall from The Budget Fashionista

Want another type of accessory that’s not-so-common? Instead of a new necklace why not a collar? It’s just like one that should be attached to a collared button down shirt except it’s been be-dazzled and detached so you can wear it with any outfit! What a cleaver way to mix things up. I’ve seen a few different types so far but here’s some from Eleven Objects. What do you think?

The Collar by Eleven Objects
The Collar by Eleven Objects

I can’t wait for tonight (09/14) because I’m heading to San Francisco to see Beardyman, a musician from London known for his beatboxing skills and use of live looping technology. This guy is insane! I’ve never seen anything like what he is capable of doing so my husband and I jumped at the opportunity to see him live since he hardly ever comes to the States and decided to make a weekend of it in celebration of my birthday! If you’ve never heard of Beardyman before you’ve got to watch this video (or at least half of it if you’re short on time) because this will blow you away!

I can wait! See you when I get back!