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I just saw a style blog, called Blueprint for Style, mention what the difference is in suit labels. Since this is news to me I thought I’d share. Ever wonder what the difference is between Boss Label and Hugo Label or even the Boss Orange Label? Well here’s the scoop…

Deciphering Suit Labels posted by Better Blueprint Click the pic...

Speaking of Hugo Boss, check out their new ad for the Hugo Super Black Suit:

Remember in the 90’s when Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love had a sweet little baby together? Well lately their love child, Frances Bean Cobain, has had two sets of pix released on the web. Not sure why but people are already calling the 19 year old an ‘It Girl’. In the first set we see a sexy and possibly somewhat troubled youth that almost resembles Megan Fox, in my opinion at least.

Frances Bean Cobain. Click here for more pix

In the second set we see a softer side which is styled to look more like Old Hollywood.  To me she is the spitting image of her mother.

The softer side of Frances Bean Cobain

To see more pix check out the full article on fashionista titled:

More Stunning Photos of Frances Bean Emerge, Is She Destined to Become a Style Icon?


I love the Guess brand and their ad campaigns especially when it’s so pinup inspired. But that’s just because I adore seeing pinups in high fashion! Sigh… one could only hope to be that lucky to model as a high fashion pinup.

Guess Jeans A '11 Campaign Click to see more

Speaking of pinup, I was checking out one of my favorite fashion blogs and they featured some pinup clothing with a pic of one of my favorite pinups Doris May Day! It’s so great to see familiar names on such a well known fashion blog.

Doris May Day (the blond) in Plus-Size Round-Up: Pin-Up Perfection

Switching gears from retro 50’s pinup to 60’s Mod… we see Mod is making a comeback in big names like Prada and Burberry! LOVE IT!

It’s a Mod Mod World Once Again: Let’s Take a Look at the Editorials By DANA KRUSPE

To see more of the Mod look and Burberry’s full Autumn/Winter 2011 line check out their fashion show.