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Remember when we saw Chloe Moretz on the cover of LOVE magazine last month?(https://tnttauna.wordpress.com/2011/07/28/love-%E2%80%93-issue-6-preview-%E2%80%93-pt-2/) I just stumbled across this amazing music video with her in it directed by Drew Barrymore by Best Coast called “Our Deal”. I LOVE her hair style in this and the outfits are great. It’s like a modern day Romeo & Juliet meets Grease meets punk meets 80’s hip hop. I haven’t seen a timeless music video like this in a long time. Great song too! Kudos to Drew Barrymore and stylist Alicia Lombardini!

Check out all the behind the scenes and fashion choices with exclusive interviews with Chloe Moretz and Drew Barrymore:


Oh what I would give to have been involved in this project!