Here’s a shoot I did for Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist Robert Rae photographed by Chiaroscuro Fotografia with wardrobe by Corrupt Couture back in January of this year. Photo #1 is the only one that’s edited.  This was a fun little shoot and I was able to use many of these photos as head shots to send out to modeling agencies which is what I have been focused on doing this year. It’s been quite a process submitting my photos and to my surprise many agencies have recently closed their doors due to the economy. I’ve had to re-evaluate my goals with modeling and I’m still on the journey to discovering what I really want to do and am able to do with my career in this economy. As most people are right now, I’m keeping hope alive and taking it one day at a time.

Enjoy this set and stay tuned.


TNT Tauna

1.TNT HR 1

2. _DSC6982  

3. _DSC6997  

4. _DSC7000  

5. _DSC7039  

6. _DSC7041  

7. _DSC7151  

8. _DSC7163  

9. _DSC7174  

10. _DSC7202  

11. _DSC7213  

12. _DSC7217  

13. _DSC7235  

14. _DSC7239  

15. _DSC7252  

16. _DSC7262  

17. _DSC7265  

18. _KRY4454  

19. _KRY4459