>CUZ WOULDN’T THAT BE RAD?!?! And cuz real life sux most of the time.

I don’t know what I would want to do yet in the circus; mermaid lady, lion tamer, acrobatics off of an elephant, or aerial artist. I probably couldn’t do that last one since I have back and neck issues but I’ve always admired their skill. I’m leaning toward mermaid lady just cuz inside of every woman is the desire to be just like the Little Mermaid, right?! I could be on display in a huge tank and get out and blow dry my fins like in the movie Splash so that I could become human and dance around with the crowd, wait that sounds a bit like a cute burlesque show I saw once, haha that would be fun too, burlesque mermaid girl! But seriously, it would be awesome to travel around the world with a circus! I know there are a lot of new-old-school-styled circus’ out there that are traveling right now like….The Bros Grim Side Show, HELLZAPOPPIN Side Show, The Rock Circus, and I can’t think of any others right now so feel free to name some for me. My man wasn’t going for it when I told him about it this morning probably cuz it was 6am and he just woke up and I was talking crazy talk about joining the circus.

Maybe one day a circus will drop out of the sky and land in my back yard like in Pee-Wee Herman…..aaaahhhhh I can dream right? Wish, hope, pray, do a rain dance, no? aaahh man! Or I could just make my own circus just for adults, wanna join me? Ok, letz see… I would need a magician, one large elephant, a lion, a tiger, a bear, oh my! Hahaha a ringmaster, some burlesque girls, a tranny, some acrobats, some random freaks of nature, a DJ, some bands, let’s throw in a fashion show too! Omg! It would be so outta here!! SO WHO’S WITH ME?????

P.S. I had a dream last night that I was in a Cabaret show playing a tranny! In my dream I looked so much like a man trying to be a woman it was scary! I’m like wtf? But I AM a woman! lol dreams are weird. So when I woke up this circus thing popped into my head, cuz believe me this isn’t the first time I thought it would be cool to join the circus and I’m sure the tranny dream had something to do with it. It’s interesting how the mind can think up an elaborate idea sooooo early in the morning while you are putting on your makeup at 5am. Then I got my breakfast and turned on my morning music videos, cuz early in the morning is the only time they play music videos anymore! WTF? But that’s a whole other rant I could go on about. Anyways, so I turned on my music videos and what song was playing?? None other than Britney Spears’ CIRCUS!!!! Coincidence? I think not.

P.S.S I wrote a little over a year ago. You may think I’m crazy but this is the kind of imagination I have and it shows in my photos. Stay tuned to see what I’ve been up to lately.